Water-saving Tips for Commercial Customers

Let’s continues our water-saving series with tips for businesses. Water saving starts at home, but saving at work has even greater impact. Conserving water saves both money and is good for the environment. Apart from that it also saves electricity and wastewater.

Many counties and states offer a variety of programs to help businesses large and small save water. Note that not all programs are available in all areas, so make sure to contact your local water authorities to learn about the rebates and incentives that are available in your area.


Commercial water customers might be eligible for FREE surveys of their water use. The comprehensive review will evaluate the commercial customer’s usage of water. More than that, the businesses will receive an evaluation of what improvements can be implemented.

  1. High efficiency toilets

Just by replacing old toilets in the plants and offices can result in huge savings per year. As older models use 1.6 to 7 gallons of water per flush, replacing them with new ones will result in 20{3cfc3a4cc88079ec6341eaaca9eb09a623f7b2abbb30b1cadbc17a5cd1f84a5d} or more water saving. If a single household can save up to 22,000 gallons annually by simply replacing their toilet flushers, just imagine the impact for companies.

  1. High efficiency urinals

Those devices use only 0.5 gallons of water per flush and reduce the water consumption significantly. Studies of actual data show that each urinal is capable of saving more than 20,000 gallons of water during its 20 years lifespan.


  1. High efficient faucets

Same cleaning quality, less water usage

  1. Use pressure washers

Wash your car fleet using a pressure washer! A pressure washer is 40 times more effective than a typical garden hose. Pressure washers are able to clean cars in less times with less effort. You just can’t miss this 3-in-1 killer combo. With small electric pressure washers starting from just $300, it is a real bargain!


  1. Use pressurized water brooms!

Another alternative is to use pressurized waterbroom to clean the sidewalks instead of a garden hose. Work will be done in less time (water broom covers larger area) and in less time. Your workers will have more free time for more important tasks! The technology uses up to 6 times less water than standard cleaning.

  1. Other ideas for water saving

Depending on the type company, there can be different ways to save. For example:

  • Circulation system for an X-Ray film processor – this can save up to 98{3cfc3a4cc88079ec6341eaaca9eb09a623f7b2abbb30b1cadbc17a5cd1f84a5d} water. Instead of simply sending thousands gallons of water down the drain, it can be simply re-circulated. Companies might be eligible for up to $2000 rebate for this system!
  • New conductivity controller for the cooling tower – these systems lose efficiency after the fifth year. Saving can be huge, counting on more than 800,000 gallons of water
  • Identifying leaks and repairing the appliances is often underrated way to reduce water bills.

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