How to Save Shoes from Water Damage

There is no doubt in the fact that preserving water is important. However, sometimes there are some other items preserving which is equally important. One of these examples is saving your favorite pair of shoes from water damage.

Indeed, you might get caught in a downpour, step into a muddy pond or simply wear your favorite pair in the wrong time on the wrong place causing them to be soaking wet. Well, there is a solution!


First, get out the insoles (if they are removable) and clean them thoroughly. You can run them in the washing machine or simply dry them outdoors. Never run them through the dryer, nor put them anywhere near sources of heat. Remember, never direct heat at any part of your shoes if you want them to last.

Second, clean your shoes thoroughly. Remove any residue, dirt or mud using a stiff brush. Pay special attention between the upper and the sole as this is the place where dirt usually gathers. Clean the rest of the mud with a damp rug.

If we are talking about shoes like these for basketball for example, you can probably run them through the washing machine on the shortest cycle, on the lowest temperature. To avoid any possible damage, just put them in an old pillowcase that will preserve their material.

Third, dry your wet shoes outdoors. Avoid any direct heat, but you can place them on direct sunlight without any issues. Stuff them well with newspapers, as these will extract any remaining moisture from them. Now be patient and let the shoes dry completely – depending on the weather and material of the shoes it can take few days.

If your shoes happen to be made of leather or suede, use appropriate preserving spray before using them. It will protect them against the dirt and the harsh weather. Next cleaning will be much easier as well!

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